Annual Awards

Awards for Titles and Membership

Every year our club presents certificates of achievement and awards to all members' dogs that have earned a title that year. Earning a title on a dog involves much time, training and partnership between owner and Swissy companion. Our club values the commitment our membership makes to their Swissy.

Our members have earned a variety of titles. Titles earned are from any recognized organization. One award is given to each dog, no matter how many owners (dog’s main owner must be a Lake Shore GSMD Club member – main owner is the owner the dog resides with), or titles earned that year. Title certificates and awards are presented at the December Awards Dinner. Some example of titles includes:

  • CH (AKC Championship);
  • CGC (Canine Good Citizen);
  • HCT (Herding Capability Test);
  • TT (Temperament Test);
  • All the GSMDCA awarded titles (weight pull, pack dog, draft dog, versatility);
  • CD (AKC Companion Dog);
  • RN (Rally Novice);
  • Recognized AKC titles; and many more.

Additionally our club provides recognition for members that achieve 5, 10 and 15 years of Lake Shore GSMD Club membership.

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